Exit Strategy of the Snare SMI Century Scandal

Appointment of Sri Mulyani Indrawati (SMI) Managing Director positions World Bank at the time tormented by the threat of jail in the country over the case of Century Bank bailout scandal suddenly become discuss warm throughout the country. For the World Bank, the SMI is considered successful mission to expand the World Bank in Indonesia remains a country with a debtor (the debtor), the World Bank up to above 40 percent during the SMI became Minister of Finance. When nominalize around Rp. 2000 trillion, with a portion of the debt 90 percent of World Bank debt. SMI is considered meritorious for the World Bank because of the neighboring countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand have managed to break away from the World Bank debt. Likewise, in countries elsewhere, such as in Latin American countries and Iran.

Data Bank Indonesia until the end of January 2010, Indonesia's foreign debt reached U.S. $ 174.041 billion or Rp. Trillion by 2000 exchange rate of Rp 10,000 per U.S. dollar. If specified debt, government debt amounted to 93.859 billion U.S. dollars, the private debt of non-bank corporate alias of 75.199 billion U.S. dollars and bank debt amounted to 8.984 billion U.S. dollars. When compared between the end of January 2009 to the end of January 2010, an increase of 17.55 percent of debt value. If divided by 220 million Indonesian population, then the debt every citizen in Indonesia, including babies and grandmothers are around Rp. 14 million per head.

Debt is one of the West imperialme strategy towards developing countries which have rich natural resources. Joseph Stiglitz says there are four steps to mastering the World Bank's strategy of developing countries, namely privatization, capital market liberalization, market pricing, and free trade. The privatization scenario, the leader of the target countries will be offered a 10 percent commission to sell national assets and store it safely in bank accounts in Switzerland. On the strategy of capital market liberalization, foreign funds should be exempted from entry through the capital market to speculate in real estate and currency. When things looked promising, the money is pulled out to create economic chaos. Who's on the market pricing scenario, prices of food, water and gas that causes increased social unrest which led to riots. Riots will cause capital flight and the government but lucrative corporate bankruptcy of the capitalist West for the target country's assets can be bought very cheap price. Last step for free trade, the phase in which the corporation will enter the Western capitalist countries taget market in Asia, Latin America, and Africa at the time still wore their own tariffs for agricultural products into a third world country. They wore very high prices for branded drugs and causing death and disease rates are very high.

The position of Managing Director of the World Bank in fact is not a prestigious position that his salary should be proud of a very prestigious approximately U.S. $ 347,000 per year. World Bank Managing Director position has been filled by former Minister of regular finance from third world countries, mainly former finance ministers from Latin American countries. Currently, three Managing Directors of the World Bank, all of them filled by people coming from developing countries, namely from Nigeria, and Indonesia Elsalvador own. The position of Managing Director of the World Bank were taken from countries which are outside the mainstream of countries the global economy.

Historically, the presence of the World Bank which is now led by Robert Zoellick as the President was not for the purpose of humanitarian welfare of all people in the world. The World Bank was born to the interests of Western countries who embrace the capitalist system to strengthen its hegemony over the world through capitalist economic system. Therefore, the state-engara who became major borrowers from the World Bank is the third world countries who always maintained that poverty is always dependent on World Bank loans, such as Indonesia. Though Indonesia had expelled the IMF spectacular achievements of Indonesia, but failed at the World Bank.

SBY Political Expenses
Since the scandal erupted Century Bank, SMI as the main accused in addition to Boediono, the vice president now. SMI president concerned that the storm was far away from the vortex of the scandal that now the ball century heat in the hands of the KPK. Some times the presence of SMI in parliament gets a boycott of the politicians supporting disclosure Century Bank scandal. Members of Parliament walked out of action that was driven from the PDI-P politicians and Hanura indicate that the hot coals Century has not abated despite Idrus Marham has successfully rid the Commission's hand through the completion of legal, not political settlement in the form of impeachment.

The fact that politics would become a political burden for Yudhoyono and party supporters and his coalition parties. The presence of SMI can be considered no longer productive in supporting the political conditions are stable. SMI is not degenerate so that when in-reshufle in the cabinet, the World Bank SBY as a partner makes an elegant SMI rescue scenarios. The result, an impression which emerged in the eyes of the public are not deposed but SMI increased the degree to World Bank officials. This scenario is very beneficial to SBY, and also save the SMI from the pursuit of the KPK to investigate. Moreover, the KPK checked SMI went way beyond decency SMI workplace, not a call to the office as the unexpected KPK other perpetrators of corruption.

To that end, the President of the World Bank makes an interesting story about Sri Mulyani performance during the Ministry of Finance. Robert Zoellick, the president's success rate Sri Mulyani Indonesian guide through the global recession, a successful fight against corruption and strengthening good governance so many countries in the world respect to Sri Mulyani. Top performance, Sri Mulyani worthy of being a managing director who oversees the World Bank Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa, and East Asia and the Pacific.
Apart from the viewpoint of the World Bank and political interests SBY, Sri Mulyani mystical atmosphere should also receive attention. Century Bank scandal seems to be a heavy burden for him as the main accused and has been a recommendation of the House Special Committee Rights Questionnaire Century, when the regime enjoyed the SBY-Boediono all who are in the cabinet and government at the central level. Moreover, when the Sri Mulyani have languished in prison for a scandal Century Bank, so that Sri Mulyani search for self-preservation point by accepting the proposal from the World Bank.

Sri Mulyani signal reluctance to bear the heavy burden of scandal Century when it issued a statement recorded by the lack of legal certainty in this country. This statement came out because it knew he would be made a scapegoat for the scandal Century. Meanwhile, Sri Mulyani is a true professional with a proven record and reputation in professional field. Despite the field's professional or criticized people enjoyed a lot of people a lot because it is associated with the ideology of neoliberalism that dianutrnya.

Resulting from the resignation of Sri Mulyani become a public question mark: whether Sri Mulyani backdated by the president off the hook for Century Bank scandal, or resign because of his own desires, or hijacked World Bank? How would, if members of the UN suddenly unanimously appointed President Yudhoyono became UN chief, whether he should resign as President?

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